Unplug from the Matrix

What People don’t see.

I think we all can agree that the media’s main goal is showing us what they want us to focus on (Rainbows and Glitter) even if the world is burning down. Certain channels like CNN have always capitalized on the dependence so many people around the WORLD have or should I say had on them. Why do I say “had” you may ask? that is because the ratings for CNN have slumped as the seams are breaking apart. According to The New York Times, the network is on a pace to drop below $1 Billion in profit for the first time in years due to steep declines in TV viewership.

This is because people started to wake up to all the lies and propaganda that they were spewing without any factual backing.They expected free thinking, intelligent people to just close their eyes to what’s actually happening right infront of us. How can our Government really expect us to go against our common sense and religious beliefs you may ask, through MIND CONTROL. That is why the US government created the CIA in 1947, to infiltrate our lives from all angles and that’s  exactly what they did.

The CIA has it’s agents undercover in all the industries that have to do with education, information, news etc. so that they can “make us” think and do what they want. That is why I always say in my videos on YouTube that to fully have your eyes opened you have to UNPLUG from the Matrix. We live in a time when they are closing in on our freedom of speech so we must say what we can now, today…we cannot wait.

They censor our tweets, our uploads, our protests and the list goes on. So I suggest you gather all the information from now so that you have the truth stored in your MIND. The next place that they want to infiltrate… and for 68.2% of the world (according to Our World in Data) they already have, with the SnakeBite.

I’ll end this week’s blog here, so stay safe and know that you are loved (John 3:16).



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