Ex Satanist from childhood EXPOSES Halloween Rituals!
The LOCKSTEP document they don’t want us to READ.
The EVIDENCE of the SnakeBite Deaths & Injuries they are trying to hide.
The RISKS of Mass Vaxx-inations. Why are they pushing the boosters?
CLASSIFIED: Video of the FAKE moon landing production filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Astronaut ballerina? This is how they are indoctrinating the youth.
Look at what they are feeding to the poor? Just because they can’t do any better. Always starting with Africa…smh.
MK Mind Control EXPOSED! || This is what is causing the media frenzy.
What’s happening in China is not for the people’s “Safety”. It’s really about THIS…
Gold is NOW (quietly) the international Standard! Don’t “save” your money else you will lose it all. BUY GOLD.
Ectolife: Finally they reveal how they have been making CLONES! They are now ready to make money from it by sharing the process with the “masses”!

Proof George Soros is a psychopath! Synagogues of SATAN.

Author of “Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime”. He’s a Whistle blower Doctor.

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  1. I’m so grateful I found your youtube channel and your website. Keep up the awesome work. The Lord is on our side. God bless.

  2. God bless you sister good videos as always. In the last video about the babies did anybody notice the red baby with the black hair watch the video again check it out looks like a little devil.

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