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A Letter to the Grace Family

Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement since following me and watching my videos. In April of 2021 the Holy Spirit led me to just go in front the camera and speak about the wicked things that the evil elite were doing to the masses; under the guise of the PLANdemic.

At first I felt like am I really the only person seeing this? For it was just blatantly obvious to me what was really going on. When I started this community I then got exposed to other communities and other truth seekers and speakers that was also seeing the evil agenda playing out in front of our eyes. There’s a difference between truth seekers and truth speakers. TRUTH SEEKERS go in search of the truth to educate and edify themselves while, TRUTH SPEAKERS not only seek the truth out but the speak about it on major platforms and forums. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the truth seekers because they are the ones that send me videos and links that they have ran into thus making it possible to share. Not every one was meant to speak publicly, we all have our purpose.

None the less, this mixture of God’s people is the reason so many are waking up now a days, some say at the eleventh hour but I still give God thanks they are at least awake before it was TOO LATE. If you are reading this Blog, just know you were ordained to be here as your mind is waking up to the TRUE REALITY of the world we live in and where it is headed as the wicked elite are in control. Your flesh is now catching up to your Spirit and the plugs are flying off as we speak. Whether you’re a truth seeker/speaker your role in these end of days is truly important.

Take my advice, once you have Jesus Christ of Nazareth on your side you can do anything according to his will. Some are given a clear as day task from the Lord and they know it’s from the Lord and still, out of FEAR not act on it. That is why it is important to KNOW THE GOD WE SERVE. He is able!

I will end this blog on that note. know that I love you, the Lord loves you, Jesus is Lord and I’ll write you again very very soon. Shalom.

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