Exposing the SNAKE BITE


MAY 1, 2021

Think about it, how many people you know that since this wicked man made virus has been out, they have been doing EVERYTHING that the wicked media, CDC and WHO has told them to do BUT yet still caught Covid?.In my quiet time with Yah and even randomly, “It’s in the masks’ kept dropping in my Spirit. Then it really stirred up in my Spirit when a couple weeks ago I was having a conversation with my mom and the downloads started. How do you think they could get the numbers up so QUICKLY? These people are wicked! Shadow-banned Experts say the virus is on the cotton swabs for some of the same tests you do. And let’s not even start with the technique they use to examine the tests to give you positive or negative thus where the false positives originate.

I constantly saw the BLUE surgical masks that are VERY POPULAR. I myself have NEVER worn one since this PLANDEMIC, the Holy Spirit was just not giving me the urge to buy it. Like, my Spirit would get vexed just the thought of those masks and now not being allowed to BREATH FRESH AIR. A standard human right! 

When the Plandemic started I literally found myself sewing cloth masks and guess what… I never used a sewing machine in my life! I went to the store, bought a sewing machine, material, watched like 2 YouTube videos and that was it. I shocked myself and my Family. I STRONGLY believe Yah granted me that  ability supernaturally… People, GOD IS REAL! 

So this is my warning ⚠️ STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BLUE MASKS! (Those are the ones I saw in the Spirit) If you see how most of them are made Saints you would gag, and MOST persons just buy them at the corner store and put them on immediately. WEAR ANYTHING ELSE SAINTS, TAKE HEED. I will do a YT video and a part 2 to this blog. This one is just to tell you what I’ve been hearing in my spirit from Yah. next one, we look into some NUMBERS regarding this matter.  Bless you all and your loved ones. Shalom!

23 thoughts on “IT’S IN THE MASKS”

  1. Wow!!! I kinda of thought about thoes blue mask but never really paid attention i will not where them again!

  2. I only did a thin scarf because I never had fear about it .. When God says no plague can come near your dwelling I stand in that promise and I will say he is faithful.. No mask only if I have to to go to market ext.. And then I put it below my nose.. He told me to trust him and that was good enough for me.. That is Faith…I hope the children of God will see his promises when you keep his word and stay close to his heart are YES and AMEN!! Praise you my king praise you My LORD JESUS who walks with me everywhere I go.

  3. Its not in the Mask YET…it is part of the plan but not yet. Stay away from any mask that has a Gel in its formation. They are releasing them telling people they will be able to breathe better. No..you will be breathing much more nanobots via the Gel. They are also spreading the injections via robot mosquitos-https://youtu.be/kOr2FfCOkyw. They are dropping them via chemtrails. They are integrating them via tomatoes…and later other foods.

  4. Thank you for sharing sis. Since day 1 of this PLANdemic my husband and I have NEVER covered our faces and we never will. It’s totally ungodly. And the Lord laid that on us very very early of 2020. Covering your nose and mouth is very dangerous and causes lots of internal damage from not properly exchanged carbon dioxide and oxygen. I feel so terrible for those who plaster it on their faces.. .and even worse to see it on small babies and children. We will continue to stand before the Lord with unveiled faces (2 Corinthians 3:18)

    And daily I decree and declare psalms 91 over my life, family and my home.

  5. I agree fully family, wearing these masks forces us to rebreathe our carbox dioxide and limits the supply of fresh oxygen this reduced and breaks down the body’s resistance which is critical to fighting off this created anomaly which in it’s new forms is airborne. Furthermore the virus particles are 0.126 microns and cloth and paper masks filters particles from 7-14 microns…. Yes exactly the particles go straight through the mask.

  6. I never did trust the blue masks especially from medical facilities especially since the lockdown. In my spirit man something was not right and so I wear a cloth mask in public when I have to.

  7. Keep the heart/mind healthy and the body will follow.
    And I never wore a mask once. I simply don’t get sick. It’s been 30+ years since the last time I was.
    Stay beautiful on the inside. Keep up the good fight.
    Love and respect.

  8. For years people will call me witch, even crazy I told them things like this what happened. To be awake in this wicked world it’s so dangerous I went as far as making my own mask…I am so honored and happy that there are many paying attention but they are still a lot more that are not..shout out to all of the teachers who continue to pass knowledge, knowledge that is good for the soul for the mind for the heart, it is important that we embrace each other hold on tight they are trying everything and anything do not fall for it.. thank you Nastasia

  9. Be not afraid says the Lord.Come out from among the wicked, be ye separate and holy says the Lord. There has to be a separation between the worldly people and the people of God. Where is the loyalty to your Heavenly Father? Do you honestly think that Jesus Christ would be walking around wearing a silly looking diaper on his face? Do you really think that God would have his children living their lives walking around in fear? God forbid. I’m not putting any one down when I say this, but I’m trying to awaken you out of Love when I say that there is a lack of discernment to anyone walking around with those silly looking, demonic masks on their face. Those things are nothing more than a symbolic representation of fear. This plandemic is just a brainwashing,controlling way of testing the waters to see how well people will comply to the government’s demonic agenda. Don’t be like the Israelites that had to walk around in the wilderness for 40 years bc of their disobedience. I know the Bible says to follow the laws of the land, and you should until it goes against the word of God. Go look up all the scriptures on fear and see how God commands his people not to be under the subjection of fear outside of the fear and respect we should have for him. Be obedient to the word of God above all else or else your heart does not fully belong to God. Do this and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. I never wear those silly looking diapers on my face for nothing and I refuse to bc it strictly goes against the word of God. Besides those things don’t work anyways. I always tell people, if your mask work then why are you worried about me not wearing mine. That’s just common sense. Listen up people, time is just about out and if you want to walk through those pearly gates we must give God our all. Know who you are through Christ. God is in control and only he decides whether you live or die, not the COVID or anything else. Don’t take no vaccines either. God disapproves of that as well. God says let thy food be thy medicine. Trust in the wisdom of God, not worldly wisdom. Be careful not to fall under false doctrine. Any pastor giving his congregation the ok to wear a mask does not have spiritual discernment so be careful who you listen to. I grieve and pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ that y’all may be strengthened in Faith and I pray for those seeking God that they find him. Stay the course my brothers and sisters, and may peace and strength follow you always.

  10. Daughter of The Most High Yah, please accept this public apology. In my 2nd email, which you didn’t reply to, I mentioned that you said you didn’t think the virus was real. I have gone through your recent videos and I can’t find you saying that. Please forgive me, I was not making an accusation, I was trying to find out if they manipulated the tests and masks.

    HalleluYah!! After I sent that email, I immediately phoned them and completely pulled out of the blood testing. Re-watching one of your messages today, you said they will offer incentives so you will take the jab. That hit me hard, as I told you, we are paid £25 every month for the swab and finger prick tests as part of the ONS (OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS) Survey. The swab tests end November 2021 and the finger prick tests end next April. I am going to pull out completely. They very well could pay me to take the DNA changing elements or the virus itself.

    Thank you young queen, please accept my apology.

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